Carroll Thompson was born, during the Great Depression of 1934, on a farm in West Texas.

He grew up in a dedicated Baptist family.  As a boy in a West Texas cotton field he learned the lessons, that hard worked and long hour of had to teach.  Lessons like commitment, faithfulness, appointed times, seasons, and harvests.


 Along with these, came an unsurpassing appreciation for the love of God, family, country.

These valuable lessons created in the young man a true compass, principals that have safely guided him throughout his whole life.

Warmly referred to as brother Carroll, known by many as a man “Cut from a different cloth!” 

What you quickly learn to know about this man, is that he is hard working, dedicated and caring.  Supportive of his family, and friends as well.  A passionate man, committed to the things that move the Heart of the Father God.

While working hard on the farm he pursued his studies from a small school house.  Learning and then teaching became passion to Carroll.  His dedication to his studies, led him to pursue an advanced education,  from Draughons School of Business through Stephen F. Austin University, to obtaining a Master’s of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theology Seminary, and a Doctorate from Southwestern Assembly of God University.


Dr. Carroll ministered for more then 10 years as a Baptist missionary.

As he was ministering in the jungles of Brazil, he contracted a deadly strain of hepatitis.

Lying on his death bed, the LORD visited him, and supernaturally healing  him and  baptizing him with the Holy Spirit.

From this point onward, brother Carroll ministry grew, as did, the signs and wonders, power of the LORD in it.  Healing and deliverance, became common, where hundreds were delivered from the stranglehold of the satan brusies.

In the early 70′s Gordon Lindsey asked brother Carroll to become one of the professors, to teach at Christ for the Nations Institute.

In 1972 Dr.Thompson accepted the position offered by Gordon Lindsey, and began his journey of teaching students from all over the world about the Love, Righteousness, Power and Grace of the LORD Jesus.

Gordon Lindsey’s choice 40+ years ago, has proven to have been of the LORD’S leading. Dr. Thompson’s class entitled “Deliverance” has been one of the most popular classes at Christ for the Nations Institute, for decades.

Author of several books, and transformative teaching series, among which are found “Alienation”, “Possess the Land”, “Doctrinal Foundations”, “Romans”, “In the Beginning” and “The Bruises of Satan” which remains one of his most popular books.

Brother Carroll, draws on years of instruction in the Word by the LORD, bringing profound, yet simple life changing truths to the body of Christ worldwide. He currently teaches and ministers at Christ for the Nations, and is regularly invited to various Conferences, Churches, and Bible Colleges, across the globe.

“Carroll Thompson Ministries” focuses on biblical teachings of the LORD Jesus, and participants are encouraged to focus on spiritual and natural holiness, and deliverance of the whole the person,  for a  life of wholeness.

The Thompson family lives in the wonderful state of Texas.

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